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America has had a very mature show schedule for some time, with successful new shows being added every year. So when the Vancouver FlipOut Pinball Expo was announced, modeling itself after the large US shows, it was too good to pass up and I booked a trip immediately to attend. Read More
Robert Gagno of Burnaby: real-life pinball wizard
Robert Gagno is leaning over a pinball machine Sunday at Vancouver's Flipout Pinball Expo, surrounded by dozens of other players at various machines.. Gagno, 28, who has autism, won the world pinball championship earlier this year in Philadelphia. Read More
The Vancouver FlipOut Pinball Expo, running Friday through Sunday, has Holiday Inn Downtown packed with more than 100 pinball machines set to free play. Read More
Hundreds of pinball games on hand including Hercules — the biggest pinball machine ever made Read More
Tommy Floyd of Nitro Amusements is the organizer of the expo. Photo by Kyle Seller
Vancouver plays host to pinball wizards with the inaugural FlipOut Pinball Expo — featuring more than 100 machines and competitive tournaments. Read More
pinball games
Vancouver will receive a dose of some retro amusement as it hosts its first annual Pinball Expo this weekend. Formerly known as the Fraser Valley Flipout, the expo aims to create a 21st century pinball experience with a resurgence of classic favorites and brand new state of the art games. Read More
 Landyacthz employee Jeff Radomsky is all about pinball and arcade culture. Photo Dan Toulgoet
When it came time to walk away from three decades in the music business, Tommy Floyd wanted to retain at least some of the aspects of life in the fast lane: the lights, the sounds and feelings of euphoria. So naturally, the 52-year-old devoted himself to all things pinball. Read More
Pinball playfield closeup
Do you remember that first time you walked into an arcade and saw that glowing, clinking machine with the little silver ball? The Holiday Inn Downtown will be lit up like a penny arcade this weekend thanks to the Vancouver FlipOut PinBall Expo. Read More
Tommy Floyd musician and pinball wizard
As The Who sang, “He’s a pinball wizard; that has to be a twist.” The 1968 song, Pinball Wizard, is a centrepiece of the band’s rock opera, Tommy. That should have rung a bell with another Tommy — Tommy Floyd — but he wouldn’t become a pinball wizard until six years later. Read More
Old pinball machine
Pinball fanatics, listen up: there’s an expo dedicated completely to the classic arcade game coming to Vancouver this weekend. Read More