Vancouver FlipOut strives to bring forth the most informative and interesting subject matter in the world of pinball. We also want our panels to be interactive and allow open communication with the audience. We are currently setting up our 2017 lineup of guest speakers.

If there is a subject or person you would like to see in our speaker series, please contact Tommy@VancouverFlipOut.com


2017 Guests

Dirty Donny

One of the most influential artists to invade the pop culture scenes of the punk, rock n roll and heavy metal underground, Dirty Donny did the artwork on Stern's Metallica and is working with them once again on a secret title & new art book.

Jack Guarnieri

Jersey Jack Pinball​
We are extremely pleased to have Veteran industry figure Jack Guarnieri aka Jersey Jack confirmed to speak at our workshop series. Very few people have his drive & determination or his ability to harness great talent.

David Thiel

Pinball Audio Freelancer
Musician, composer and free lance interactive audio designer, David has created audio packages for more than 20 pinball machines including Dialed In, The Hobbit, Alien, Tron, AC/DC, Star Trek & Family Guy.

Butch Peel

Jersey Jack Pinball
Industry revered pinball tech wizard, host of youtube series Playfield Tours with Butch Peel and all around JJP specialist, will speak on the ins & outs of Dialed In, The Hobbit & Wizard Of Oz….and maybe title number four!

Joe Balcer

American Pinball
Pinball designer, mechanic and driving force behind AP’s forthcoming release Houdini. Also credited with Apollo 13, Simpsons Pinball Party & Wizard Of Oz to name a few. Joe’s innovative and fresh approach to pinball is a welcome addition to American Pinball’s debut title “Master Of Mystery”

Jack Danger

Dead Flip
Pinball personality & Twitch streaming trailblazer, Jack Danger has become known around the world as the first embassador of pinball commentary and gameplay on new & soon to be released pinball titles.